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News Reminders…. Nurses Licensed by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing

written by Marietta Lynch, RN, BSN

Oklahoma Board of Nursing Transitions to Less-Paper, Verifiable Licensure

Effective December 1, 2017, the Oklahoma Board of Nursing no longer prints traditional license cards. A process is in place in which the licensee may access the Board of Nursing website, click on License Verification, and after submitting name and licensure level, a “view” box appears next to the licensee’s name. After clicking on the “view” box, and entering an individual personal identification number, the licensee may print a paper license card to include the licensee’s name, level of licensure, license number and links to both the Board of Nursing verification site and Nursys national license database, where the current status of the license can be verified.

The cause for moving to a less-paper, verifiable system is multi-faceted. With increased reports of lost or stolen license cards, and cards never received in the mail, the new system reduces the risk of fraud and impersonation of Oklahoma-licensed nurses. Implementation of the new system enhances employer ability to verify current license status of licensed nurses employed and/or prospective employees, by going to a primary source to verify licensure.

Employers may verify licensure through the Board of Nursing website at or In addition, the less paper, verifiable system reduces cost to licensees for duplicating misplaced or lost license cards. Currently, fifty-three percent of all state boards of nursing use paperless initial license while sixty-seven percent of all states have paperless licensure renewal.

Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (Multi-State Licensure for Nurses): The enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) was implemented on January 19, 2018. The Oklahoma Board of Nursing has made the eNLC multistate applications available online.

An individual desiring a multistate license must submit an Application and pay the appropriate application fee. On all application forms for multistate licensure in an enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) party state, an applicant must declare a primary state of residence. To obtain multistate licensure in Oklahoma, an individual shall declare Oklahoma as his/her primary state of residence.

In addition to meeting the home state’s qualifications for licensure or renewal of licensure, applicants for multistate licensure shall also meet the eNLC Uniform Licensure Requirements available at Applications can be accessed at

Completed multistate licensee applications for existing active Oklahoma licensees have an average processing time of 1.5 days. For Oklahoma licensees with questions regarding multistate licensure, the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact Frequently Asked Questions for Oklahoma Nursing Licensees can be accessed on the agency website at Current eNLC information can be accessed on the Board of Nursing website at and you may call the Board of Nursing at (405) 962-1800.

Nursys e-Notify Resources Notification

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing provides the Nursys e-Notify system resources to both licensed nurses and employers of licensed nurses. Nursys e-Notify is an innovative national nurse licensure notification system that provides subscribed employers of licensed nurses real-time notifications, alerting the subscribed party when changes such as license status, license expiration, pending license renewals and public disciplinary action are made to a nurse’s license record. Nursys e-Notify is a FREE, convenient way for nurses to receive license expiration reminders and status updates of their nursing license, and to track license verifications for endorsement. Effective November 1, 2017, licensed nurses and employers of licensed nurses may subscribe to the service FREE of charge at

Decision Making Model for Scope of Nursing Practice Decisions

It is impossible to list all of the duties, nursing functions and/or nursing activities licensed nurses are or are not permitted to perform. The Oklahoma Board of Nursing has endorsed the attached guidelines to assist nurses in determining a personal scope of practice based upon legal parameters of practice and one’s education, knowledge and experience. Please find more details by clicking here.

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